What Our Tenants Are Saying About Us


We take pride in providing Brock University students a safe and comfortable off-campus living accommodations in St.Catharines and Thorold, Ontario. See what some of our current and formal tenants have to say about their experience with Brock View Rentals.

“Bryan Keenan – it is nice to have a responsible landlord that actually cares about his tenants as well as the maintenance of his properties, it has made university a little bit easier.”
– Corynn H.

“As a father some distance away, I appreciate Bryan’s personal touch. He is willing to discuss situations by phone/email, he’s available if the girls’ have a concern, and he corrects problems when they arise. I have no hesitation recommending his rentals.”
– Darryl C.

“I never knew that I would be referring my landlord to all my other friends! Brock View Rentals makes it more than just “a landlord-tenant sign the papers and i’m outta here” kind of thing. They’re fun, exciting and always looking out for your best interest. After all the horror stories I’ve heard from friends, I’m happy to be able to say I am living in my student rental house for three years of university and love it! It makes all the difference when you have an amazing landlord – like Brock View Rentals.”
– Jenna D.

“I have been renting apartments and houses for several years now, and you are by far the most attentive landlord I have had. You provide prompt and satisfactory upkeep at all times. Integrity and honesty are your priorities, whereas many other landlords do not really care about their tenants and for some honesty is secondary to the business side of things. In addition you have kept the house in excellent condition. In short it has been a super place to live.”
– Jessica O.

“The level of commitment to the needs of their residents reveals to me that Brock View Rentals truly has a heart for the work that they are doing. Students can feel assured that their residence in Brock View Rentals housing will be both exciting and comfortable. No student is lost in the shuffle – each student is both happy and at ease in what is often a completely new environment for most. I am delighted with the service, commitment, and professionalism that Brock View Rentals displays on a regular basis. Their kindness and willingness to accommodate their residents is totally refreshing. I look forward to living in a home owned by Brock View Rentals for another year to come! “
– Madison V.

“39 Welland combines contemporary elegance with the simplicity of yore.Neighboring houses are home to go-getters, free-spirits, and entrepreneurs and one truly feels safe in a community with such a strong police presence. The adjacent storage shed is reminiscent of a quaint.Tuscan storage shed. I never thought I would find a homethat so greatly reflects the St. Catharines experience. Brock View Rentals has made all the difference.”
-Ryan C.

For the past 4 years I have been attending Brock University and will be graduating this month. For the first 2 years I lived in residence followed by a room rental in Thorold. By far my tenancy with Brock View Rentals has far exceeded my expectations. I had many issues during my previous years with other landlords. Bryan Keenan is always available and is extremely friendly and personable. Whenever a situation arose someone arrived within hours to fix the problem. Service like that is unheard of in any building, workplace or home. We always received advance notice if someone was stopping by to look at the place or fix something. At my previous house the landlord would message only one person as a point of contact, this became confusing if that one person was not home, the rest of us were not aware. Bryan does an exceptional job at making sure everyone stays in the loop.

Aside from having an amazing year in a beautiful student home, Bryan is a well-known member of the community. He participates in fundraising events across Niagara and encourages his tenants to partake. Bryan even won a fundraising award for his contribution for the CIBC Run for the Cure. The rental price is amazing and definitely affordable for students. I wish I had found Brock View Rentals 3 years ago. I would not think twice about renting from Brock View Rentals and if I return to St. Catharines in the near future, Bryan would be my first contact.
– Kristen L.

I had the privilege of being Bryan’s tenant for 4 months. During this time, I found Bryan to be very personable and professional. He was always easy to contact and quick to reply if I had anything to discuss with him. He consistently informed all tenants in the house of any inquiries that needed to be discussed via phone, email, text message or in person. I have severe environmental allergies, the room I was living in had carpets that I thought might be the cause. Bryan offered to remove them for me and put in hardwood flooring as soon as he could in order to relieve my allergies. This is only one example of the many considerate ways that he ensured that I was comfortable and happy with my living arrangements. I highly recommend Bryan as a landlord!
– Chrysta E.